About Altair
Altair Engineering is one of the giants of the software industry in the field of engineering software. Altair is a US-based global company that was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Altair’s traditional area of interest is numerical engineering, but over the last four decades, the company’s portfolio has expanded significantly.
The flagship product is the HyperMesh program, which is currently one of the many solutions dedicated to the CAE industry available as part of the HyperWorks package. The first version of HyperMesh was released in 1990 and since then a significant expansion of its capabilities has been carried out. The basic functions of this program include a wide range of possibilities of preparing a numerical grid for calculations, but it also enables repair and improvement of geometry, as well as preparation of the model for calculations. During the simulation, two built-in solvers, highly valued in the engineering world - OptiStruct and RADIOSS, play a key role. Importantly, thanks to the friendly policy of the manufacturer, HyperMesh and other Altair programs are able to smoothly cooperate with solutions proposed by other important manufacturers of engineering software.
Numerical engineering simulations are, however, only one of the many areas of Altair’s activity. In line with the "Only forward" principle, new solutions for various industries and sectors are introduced on an ongoing basis. In the constantly expanding catalog of programs, we can also find those intended for designers, data analysts, specialists in the field of the Internet of Things. New possibilities in the field of cloud computing are still being proposed.
By purchasing access to the Altair license, you will gain access to a rich catalog of tools in the field of mechanics and structural calculations, thermal, acoustic, CFD, electromagnetic, vibration, MBD and many more. Thanks to Altair programs, it is possible to carry out projects covering basically everything that engineers need - from loose materials and general cargo to even the largest vehicles and buildings.
It is worth mentioning that Altair is constantly expanding its catalog of programs with new tools by external developers that are available under APA, i.e. Altair Partner Alliance. Altair clients also gain access to professional support at the local and global level, a wide library of auxiliary materials, courses dedicated to self-study, as well as the opportunity to participate in free webinars and paid training.
At Altair our mission is to place the power of innovation into as many hands as we can.
That's why 21 years ago we revolutionized how organizations access our leading software with Hyperworks Units, a ground-breaking, value-based licensing system.
Altair Units will allow customers to maximize their software dollars with the freedom to choose.
First, we reorganized our broad product portfolio into suits of tools that align with the core roles of your company.
We were ‘young’ once too. We know it sounds cliché, but we were a start-up more than 30 years ago and through our vision, grit, and determination built our own foundation, growing it into a global, publicly-traded company with more than 3,000 employees in 25 countries. The best part? We stayed true to our roots, where we came from, regardless of how we’ve grown. We know you because we were you once… having a dream and making it a reality. And we relied on help in a variety of forms throughout our growth to move forward; only forward.
At Altair the term “start-up” means something to us, and we provide solutions catered to your growing needs to enable innovation, reduce development times, and lower costs through the entire product lifecycle from concept design to in-service operation.
Helping You Grow
Our solutions in product development, HPC, IoT, and data analytics can help you to assess your design feasibility early in the process, accelerate product development, reduce the risk of product failure, and scale-up to market leadership.
  • Product Development: Use simulation-driven design to improve development efficiency and optimize product performance.
  • HPC: Accelerate engineering and design with our workload management and usability suite for compute-intensive tasks including solvers, optimization, modeling, visualization, and analytics.
  • Data Analytics and IoT: Build analytical applications or augment analytics into existing applications to make better decisions. Professionals of different skill sets can collaboratively generate and share insight from their data.
Because like you, in order to pioneer, we are driven to take calculated risks, explore, test the boundaries and then test them again.
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