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CADM Automotive is a cross-industry provider of comprehensive high-calibre engineering solutions for automotive, railway, maritime and aerospace industries.

As a global partner and a local leader, we specialize in development of detailed components, modules as well as entire systems ensuring their functionality and fault free assembly within their surrounding environments. We create and implement innovative solutions to reduce production costs and material consumption. We develop smart mobility solutions to take innovation one step further.


we are proud to say that we take a full responsibility for our projects, from the concept through the final implementation up to production


due to a wide range of competencies, we are able to provide our services in many specialized areas

Cooperation based on long lasting relationships

we offer customer-oriented approach

Best standards and practices

we are keeping the focus on continuous development to guarantee high class solutions

A wide-range projects portfolio

to rely on

More than 80 customers worldwide
We are constantly growing
Number of employees
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We collaborate worldwide

We offer individually fitted business models, based on the nature of the project and customers’ needs.

We conduct both external and in-house projects. We support our customers by placing resident engineers at their sites or in one of our 6 offices (5 locations in Poland, 1 in Germany), ensuring smooth cooperation and flow of information, effective communication and timely exchange of project data at all times.

“However, they only design interior and body-in-white elements, no extraordinary vision of a car will not arise in the market. CADM Automotive is this prominent team of design engineers. Within five years only, they landed a sale to a several dozens of clients worldwide”

Design Engineers from Kraków conquer the world in Forbes

“They design for Tesla and Jaguar as well as Bentley, Range Rover, Volkswagen and Skoda. Varroc Lightning Systems, as the name suggests, designs and produces lamps. Its nearest factory is located in Ostrava being one of the plants where lighting systems parts designed by Cracovian engineers are put together.”

Automotive giant in Cracow: a story that starts from a single email in Life in Krakow
Mission and values

We believe in development resulting from the creation of a culture of innovation and creativity as well as openness to challenges. We want to be the ambassadors of Polish engineering in the world, that’s why we set the highest quality standards and inspire our counterparts.

Whilst realizing our mission, we are guided by our core values: trust, consistency, creativity, communication and quality.

Code of ethics

CADM Automotive is fully aware of its responsibilities with regard to the environment in which we operate. The Code of Ethics defines the principles and common values that we follow in interpersonal and business relations and creates a positive image of the company.

Employees - we take a great care of our employees by ensuring them a sustainable and safe working environment.

Suppliers – our priority is to provide services of the highest quality based on mutual respect and trust. We guarantee the best standards of cooperation and communication.

Market organisations - we are committed to principles of fair competition, legal regulations and good practices.

EU Grants

CADM Automotive has received funding from the Operational Programme Smart Growth for a project titled ‘Launch of a R&D Center dedicated to the automotive industry’.

The project aims to create a R&D center implementing industrial research and development for new opportunities of innovative construction elements, with main focus on components utilizing optical properties of materials.
Total project value: 2.533.800,00 PLN
EU funding: 721.000,00 PLN

The 'Des Art' team, now part of CADM, is participating in the EU CARBODIN project in which is a consortium member and one of the contractors.

We love to help!

We attach a great weight to CSR-related issues. Thanks to the involvement of our employees, we are able to support various initiatives that create positive values. We not only support our local community – we are also involved in numerous charity events.

Our partners

We are open to cooperation with companies/institutions with diverse business profiles.