Automotive industry is one of the most rapidly developing branches of the global economy.

Due to its continuous dynamic growth, it promotes innovations and forces progress in many other areas. We believe that vehicles of the future are the synergy of design and technology having a real impact on many aspects of our lives. That is why we are open to supporting our customers in each field of their activity and at each project stage, providing customized solutions. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers is ready to take on every challenge.

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Rolling stock

The rolling stock industry is undergoing a major change after years of deadlock.

Rail transport services require improved conditions and levels of safety as well as the possibility for rapid retrofitting and reconfiguration of vehicles’ systems and construction. Our rolling stock team consists of highly-qualified, deeply experienced professionals, with a high degree of expertise, and young and enthusiastic engineers, who have recently begun their rail careers. This enables us to generate fresh solutions complemented with in-depth knowledge which ensures reliability and quality.

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The Maritime industry currently has wind in its sails.

There is a big demand for new eco-solutions in both the offshore and marine businesses. Although hybrid technology is well known and has been exploited decades, the current focus is oriented on exhaust gases and their content. A huge number of scrubbers is being designed and installed in all ships on the Baltic Sea since soon no sulphur emissions will be allowed for them. We are participating in these developments. Our engineers are ready to accept all challenges resulting from further projects. Besides strength calculations required by standards, we offer conversion of all kinds of documentation to 3D models as well.

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Due to the growing environmental, social and economic requirements the aerospace industry is classified as a high and very high technology sector and one of the driving forces of technological progress.

Higher and higher safety and environmental requirements have recently become a driver of fast paced progress which results in posing a numerous technological challenges for engineers. New materials, including composites, are being applied in series production now. There is also the R&D related to the construction of aircraft fuselage models. Our tools and services will guarantee effectiveness provide structures which are both robust and light. We are ready to support your internal teams with our ever-growing know-how and strength calculations.

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We also recognize increased demand for design services in the medical, energy and white goods industries, from both start-ups and established companies.

In order to undertake projects in these areas, CADM Automotive is constantly expanding its scope of activity. Our ambition is to meet new market requirements, to offer solutions that are visually attractive and at the same time meet the highest technological criteria.

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