Project management

Development and manufacturing in automotive, rolling stock, maritime and aerospace industries are becoming more and more multi-faceted, challenging and diverse.

Each project involves various tasks, a good understanding of project management with extensive experience in this field which allows us supporting our customers to break the process down into managable pieces. We offer the program management from concept stage to SOP. We also provide additional support after SOP.

Interim management

Interim management is considered as an ideal tool for solving business problems and it refers to clearly defined and specific projects. Our purpose is to realize all tasks in all areas defined in the project with the participation of customers' managers and other employees. We offer advice and guidance, ensure process obligations, monitor the quality of services, procedures and project goals.

Supplier management

Our aim is to develop and maximize the value of interactions and business processes between our customers and their strategic partners. Our experience in Supplier Management allows us to assess and improve the efficiency of relationships and guide the activities that should be engaged. We offer on site support, SQA and troubleshooting approach.

Quality management

CADM provides the complete range of quality management:

  • APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning:

    D-FMEA, P-FMEA, Key characteristics, Control plan, Test Equipment / Gauges, Test according to customer requirements

  • PPAP Production Part Approval Process:

    Production Run, Engineering Change, Control Plan, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Sample Production Parts (SPP), Part Submission Warrant (PSW)

  • Quality walls / gates / check:

    Q-Gates & Q-Walls, incoming inspection 100%, outgoing goods inspections 100%, tests in different steps 100%

  • Customer on-site support:

    Team member, SQA, Production Check, Rework Check, Trust level and customer satisfaction.

Change managment

Change management provides plan for a change instead of reacting to it. That is why we focus on wide impacts of changes, considering both tangible and personal effects, to prepare our customers accordingly and to encourage their growth or improvement. Changes in processes, organizational structures, types of technology, job roles… Each field requires a guidance to adopt. We help to identify the goals and resources, present plans, budget risks and analyze the effects.